Vermont’s known to have churned out well-known celebrities and public figures, including politicians, actors and best selling / award winning writers–even America’s first female lawyer, Myra Colby Bradwell.

Though some wonder who lives in the Northeast Kingdom, the answer is simple:  nearly everyone imaginable. 

The NEK consists of a somewhat eclectic mix–despite stereotypes of cultural homogeneity.  Contrary to rumors, Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom is far from a “redneck” composite.  Rather, the small towns and villages that make up Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom retain and attract ordinary Vermonters (natives and lifelongers/transplants), flatlanders, people in search of greater depth, purpose or meaning in their lives, those looking to escape the rat race of urban/suburban living, “white collar” professionals, “blue collar” workers, scholars, entreprenuers, outdoor enthusiasts, urban adventurers (who don’t mind the drive to Montreal or Boston to get their fix), the small-town obsessed, and last but not least, celebrities–including some of Hollywood’s rich and famous–people who could live anywhere, but choose Vermont’s NEK to call home.

As far as celebrities are concerned, “famous people” sightings in the Northeast Kingdom aren’t all that unusual–especially during peak tourism.  And, thanks to the Internet which has transformed communication and availability, more of the known (not to mention even the less known in Hollywood and elite circles), are flocking to Vermont–if only on a part-time basis. 

Who have you seen in the NEK–beyond say, Luis Guzman, Chris Bohjalian and Emeril?  Go ahead, share…spill it…brag in a comment below.   


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